Jul 01 2009

Links of the Day

Category: web-loggingSami @ 1:22 pm

GivesMeHope.com – like FML, but happy.

Utegate, As Told By Lolcats.

Jul 01 2009

Things of Recent Note

Category: materialismSami @ 1:21 pm

So, for various reasons I won’t go into here and now, I went from being absolutely living-on-kindness-of-friends broke to having money to repay debts, live on, and buy some things I’d been wanting for a number of years.

I bought:

- Gibson Les Paul Studio, wine red, with chrome furniture, and VOX Valvetronic AV50VT amplifier.

- Canon EOS 50D, with a Sigma 50mm/f1.4 lens, and a Canon 17-85mm f/4-5.6 lens, Speedlite flashgun.

Expect photos to keep going up regularly at the Gallery, though I may get around to posting selections on this blog, as well.

Since I also recently bought a couple of new bras, some accessories for the above, various storage boxes and the like for making my bedroom actually susceptible to being kept tidy, and so on, as well as repaying one debt, I’ve spent an amazing amount of money recently, and will spend more when I repay the others… but I am, at least, done with shopping for the time being, at least until I can force myself to go buy clothes.  (I hate clothes shopping, you understand.)