Sep 24 2009

D minus 12 days

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So, on the 10th of September (so says the file dating), Chas and I were passing through town when I spotted an odd sight. As I exclaimed to Chas: “There are mans on the building!”

So I pulled out my camera, and then my telephoto lens, to take pictures of the mans.

In case anyone’s wondering at the tendency for my pictures to have the slightly odd dimensions of 475 pixels in one direction and 713 in another: that’s a 15% resizing/resampling from the base image size my camera takes.

Travel preparations of late have been… well, pretty much nonexistent, for the most part, but the last week’s been occupied by an aggravating dose of acute vertigo triggered by a severe adverse reaction to medication. Fortunately that’s finally passing, because I do still have a couple of things to get done before I leave.

Primary items:

1) Acquire International Driver’s Licence
2) Buy some relevant foreign currency
3) Buy some warm socks

No, really. I own no warm socks, this is a problem. I barely own any socks that are longer than ankle-height, at that. I have a warm climate approach to sockdom.

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