Jan 11 2011

More Video Game Reviews

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The last few months have, for me at least, been a particularly frustrating period overall for video game acquisition and enjoyment.

Allow me to combine an explanation with reviews of several recent game purchases.

Fallout: New Vegas

I bought this for the PS3, and played it quite a bit, with great enjoyment – except for the times it crashed, or bugged, or crashed then left bugs behind. I’ve subsequently been playing my housemate’s PC version, because at least I can access the console to fix some of the bugs. Oh, and several patches had already been released for the PC version when the PS3 version was as broken as ever.

Spending retail new-game prices on what should be, at most, the beta version of a game is irritating.

Civilization V

Civ5 should be a really good game.

But months and several patches after release, it still crashes randomly and is fundamentally broken.

Gran Turismo 5

The closest thing I’ve found to a bug in GT5 so far is that the Lexus IS F is, for some reason, eligible to compete in the German Touring Car Challenge, when it shouldn’t be.

That’s it.

It’s a serious indictment of the others that one of the reasons GT5 is currently pretty much my favourite game in the world is that it works.

My advice?

Buy GT5 if you like racing games at all. Pirate the others until the damn things are fixed, then give them some money.

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